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White Shepherd by Jean Reeves and Diana Updike

Have you always hoped to find a definitive, thorough reference book to address all of the questions you may have about your white shepherd? Are you hoping to provide a loving home to a new white shepherd but still have some lingering questions that you hope to have answered before you take the final steps toward ownership? Or are you just a fan of the breed and want to learn more? This book may be just what you need!

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Diana Updike - Von Tasz White Shepherds

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Book Description: Distinguished by its stunning white coat and unmatched versatility, the White Shepherd is a direct descendant of the German Shepherd Dog. Although traditional German Shepherd devotees have shied away from solid white dogs, thousands of enthusiasts have embraced the beautiful, talented White Shepherd and established it as a breed unto itself. Whether on the farm, in the ring, in the water or in the home, the White Shepherd is an exemplary companion and competitor for the right owner.

From the Back Cover: This book provides the reader with much-needed factual information about the breed, its history, including detailed sections on both noteworthy dogs and kennels, and the breed standard. In addition to informative chapters on puppy selection, feeding, training, breeding, showing and competing, the book also presents over 130 color photographs that prove to be as instructive as they are attractive. Discussing canine healthcare, respected veterinarian and author Dr. Lowell Ackerman updates readers on the latest in veterinary care, including vaccinations, parasite control, infectious diseases and other topics vital to ongoing canine health. Recommended by breeders and trainers alike, this volume is the responsible first choice of every new owner of a White Shepherd.

About the Authors: Written by accomplished breeders and exhibitors, Jean Reeves and Diana L. Updike, both of which have been working with White Shepherds for over twenty years. A special thanks for helping to put this project together goes out to Jacki Wheeler and Judy Huston.

This book about the White Shepherd is the first major publication of its kind on this noble canine and a welcome resource for everyone interested in this extremely talented working dog and companion.

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Each copy can contain a personalized note upon request. For example, if you are purchasing the book for a dear friend, you may want to have the co-author state something like: "Dear Judy, Thank-you for your love and dedication to your beautiful White Shepherd, Angel."