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6 weeks old - Evaluation Day!
ABOVE: This is Lacey Hope and she now lives with her new family in Wisconsin. Her new mom is Mary Margaret and her new dad is Mark. For updated photos of Laqcey Hope, visit her webpage:
Photos - Set 1
Photos - Set 2
Von Tasz Style
On Dec 27, the Alyk and Selbbep tribes officially merged. In this photo, we captured their first awakening after a long needed nap. The new tribe is appears to be thriving in their new envirnment. ((giggle))
Here is a picture of "Aunt Pam" with Kyla's pups. Pam owns Spirit, a 12 year old Angus x Ashlee daughter. (Spirit is on the left)
ABOVE: I don't have an official call name for this puppy who is being adopted by Missy and her family, also located in Michigan! (Yeah!)