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DOB 11/22/2007
Ramsey is a Hugo x Pebbles son. He is loaded with personality and a total joy. He has earned multiple BEST PUPPY awards and is already a UKC Champion after only 5 shows! Pictured above at 8 months and below at 5 months.
Click Here For Ramsey's Puppy Photos - He is the Fifth Born "Black" Boy
These photos were taken in July 2008. Just like every White Shepherd that we've ever had, Ramsey loves to swim and go boating!

Ramsey has a pure white double coat, dark eyes, and very good pigment. He is very much like his daddy, Hugo - very easy going, always smiling, and constantly loves to carry toys around.

Ramsey's registered name is in honor of Monika Laneman of Born To Win White Shepherds in Estonia!
Monika evaluated the litter in January and said "you must keep this pup!" I said, "If I do, I'm naming him after your kennel..."!
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