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Monday, December 10, 2007

*** Two and half weeks old ***
If you compare these photos to last weeks, you can really see how much they have grown! They are walking and their eyes are open but, mostly, they just like to eat and sleep.
Photos "Set 2"
Photos "Set 1"
Photos "Set 3"
The following are short clip movies. They take a minute to load so please be patient - it's worth the wait!

Link to Dec. 6 - ActivePuppies.MOV
Link to Dec. 16 - PlayingBabies.MOV
Link to Dec 6 - ScreamingMimis.MOV
Link to Dec. 25 - ChristmasDay.MOV
In the above, Aunt Pam is holding all of the girls (left) and then all of the boys (right). She literally has her hands full - LOL!!

On Dec 26, the temperature was 41 degrees so we took Pebbles' puppies outside to play. They had a blast and so did Pebbles!

On Dec 27, the Alyk and Selbbep tribes officially merged. In this photo, we captured their first awakening after a long needed nap. The new tribe is appears to be thriving in their new envirnment. ((giggle))
Von Tasz Style
Photos "Set 5"