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Hugo is also the product of several generations of excellence. He has a beautiful white double coat, jet black pigment, large boned, balanced fluid movement, full dentition, and has an outstanding temperament. Hugo has excellent hips and elbows, a true asset to the betterment of the breed. He is currently available for stud service to approved bitches.

#1 Stud Dog!
Grand Champion
PENNHIP (.24/.24),
, Normal IgA, MDR1 Normal/Normal
Born: May 17, 2000

Hugo practicing the Dog Walk during his Agility Class ==>
Hugo's Pedigree
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"Best Puppy In Show!"

What do I love about Hugo? Everything! He is one of the best temperamented dogs that anyone could ever wish for! He is also a true clown and loves to entertain my hubby and me almost every evening. How? Well, he crams as many toys as he can in his mouth and then uses them like a hockey stick to bat around his favorite ball. I swear that you can actually see him calculating out his next move with each swing he takes - it's a riot! Also, Hugo loves to be VACUUMED. He'll get next the the vacuum and bow down with his butt up in the air just begging me to vacuum his back. It's so darn cute that I can't help but give in!

Hugo loves to go swimming at our cottage on the lake but when we are home, he does the next best thing!!

Is this guy too cool or what?
Our "best" dog per Sam Malatesta!